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Data Structure

The Ports

Analytical scope

Shipping traffic (7 items)

  • No. of ships
  • Ship tonnage

Cargo traffic and commodities (154 items)

  • Total cargo traffic
  • Loading categories
  • Major bulk commodities
  • Cargo traffic by continents

Container traffic by continent (55 items)

  • TEU (laden/empty)
  • Containerized cargo (tons)
  • Degree of containerization
  • Container traffic by continents

The ISL Port Data Base contains structured, comparable data from 1980 onwards for approximately 400 leading world ports.

This unique data base is made possible by our network of port partners throughout the world providing the broad information for our annual ISL Port Data Base Survey.

Since 2005, ports can provide their data via our online questionnaire.

List of Ports...


  • Cargo structures
  • General market trends

...Market research

  • Loading categories
  • Major bulk commodities
  • Most important trading areas

...Regional analyses

  • Major ports
  • Commodity structures
  • Predominant trading areas

...Our clients

  • Ports
  • Ministries
  • Consulting
  • Financial institutes
  • Shipowners
  • Research institutes, public libraries
  • Publishers

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